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The emerging market of electric mobility has triggered a number of innovations in the design of compact and lightweight generators. Most of these innovations however, are simply evolutionary improvements of the well know piston – cylinder – crankshaft or Wankel based engines, coupled with a dynamo for electricity production. That is, two separate systems forming one generator.


The patented Be-Rex architecture eliminates the use of crankshafts, carters and flywheels, thus enabling the construction of very compact engines. Furthermore, the dynamo parts are integrated into the same mechanism. An outgoing axel and dynamo housing are no longer needed. The Be-Rex generator is a compact singular system that incorporates all generator functions.


At Be-Rex we do not modify existing technologies, but instead use a revolutionary new architecture that will outperform all existing technologies in terms of simplicity. In short, this fully-scalable architecture is comprised of two intertwined rotating discs which provide the following benefits:

  • The angle of the rotating discs can be selected, thus enabling variable compression ratios and compression/expansion speeds.
  • The inlet and outlet ports are formed by openings in rotation discs and housing – valves are not needed.
  • The moving parts are sealed by surfaces, which do not suffer from the leak-sensitive point or line sealing used in the Wankel mechanism.
  • The base mechanism is point-symmetric, which reduces vibration and noise.
  • Magnets and coils, for the production of electricity, are placed in the rotating discs and housing.
  • There is no need for an outgoing axel or separate dynamo housing.

The Be-Rex technology enables the construction of generators with spectacularly-reduced size and weight. Simulations point to a reduction in size and weight by a factor of 2 or more. Half the size and half the weight, when compared with state-of-the-art existing generators. The gasoline-based, 11kW generator set (gen-set) currently under development, weighs 23 kg and has a volume of approximately 30 litres. This includes the actual generator, gasoline tank, power socket, cooling system and an attractive housing.

Traditional generators with a separate engine and dynamo compared with the Be-Rex integrated unit.


Portable versus movable.

The lower material requirement, together with the compact design of this singular system, form the basis for more sustainable and less expensive generators. The extremely simple concept of the Be-Rex generator has numerous benefits when compared with conventional generators, giving it an unique potential for use within modern army settings:

  • Smaller, lighter and easily manageable.
  • Based on rotation, which reduces vibration.
  • Only two moving parts and the potential forincreased robustness, reliability and easy maintenance.

In addition to the unique features mentioned above, the Be-Rex generator can be designed for use with different fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, gaseous- and bio-fuels. This increases its potential operating scope:

  • ‘Jerrycan’ for electric vehicles which addresses ‘range anxiety’ issues without impairing tax benefits.
  • Manageable generator for outdoor use such as boating, camping, hiking, military conflicts and missions.
  • Mobile electricity generation for larger power levels (>>100kW) examples include: transportable electricity generators in sea containers or main engines (electricity generators) for submarines.